Work History

OATH (AUGUST 2018 - Present)

Video Editor for “Build Series NYC”                                                                      

Responsibilities include ingesting livestreamed interview footage, correcting errors
made during production, adding graphics and titles when needed, prepping and
organizing video assets for upcoming shows, and extracting clips from full
interviews as requested by producers, all while in constant communication with
live crew, producers, and other editors.

KILLLI (JULY 2018 - Present)

Freelance Video Editor, Camera                                                                       

Responsibilities include meeting with producers to create a vision for each project, directing and shooting models and actors in slowmo and regular, processing and compiling all footage into an Adobe Premiere Pro project, editing, color-correcting, adding graphics and logos, and selecting music.

PUSHSTORY CO (MARCH 2018 - Present)

Freelance Video Editor                                                                       

Responsibilities include organization and editing of documentary, educational, and promotional materials in Adobe Premiere Pro, color-correction, sound editing, and creation of motion graphics in Adobe After Effects. High emphasis on attention to detail.

Redeemer Media (November 2010 - August 2018)

Freelance Video Editor, Camera, Sound Recordist, Director

Responsibilities included extensive editing and color-correction of documentary footage in Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC; conceptualizing, directing, and filming documentary material; filming events and speeches, transporting and staging gear, running camera, sound, and lighting and composing shots.

Guy Walks Into a Bar Productions (August - December 2017)


Responsibilities included doing extensive and thorough research at a moment’s notice on a wide range of topics and sourcing and arranging the information in a timely, organized, and accessible manner.

Unity Works! Media (May - November 2016)

Freelance Video Editor                                                                                             

Responsibilities included editing and updating tens of internet advertisements a day for thousands of diverse clients in Adobe Premiere Pro CC  with a high focus on precision and quick turnarounds. Some projects also included photo editing in Adobe Photoshop and motion graphics in Adobe After Effects.